Cruelty Free Beauty


For the past five years, I’ve tried my best to only use & post about cruelty free products. This multi-million dollar industry sees animals bred by laboratories in breeding facilities and forced to spend the rest of their lives in cages until experimented on. This includes force feeding or the injection of harmful substances, with the animals usually killed after each test if they are still alive.

Unfortunately, there is no law in place to stop a brand from marketing themselves as cruelty free when in fact, they are not at all. Companies try to disguise the practice of animal testing in their policies by stating that they don’t test the finished marketed product on animalsThey conveniently don’t mention the research and development stages or if they’ve hired a third party to conduct the testing for them. Others will claim to be cruelty free with the proviso that they sell in countries such as China which require animal testing by law. This lack of honesty and clarity from brands can be every disillusioning at times but we must try our best to research each policy thoroughly in order to boycott all animal tested products. 

Example of a non-cruelty free brands policy:

“We do not conduct animal testing on our products or ingredients, nor ask others to test on our behalf, except when required by law.”- Estée Lauder

When approaching a brand to find their stance on animal testing, I recommend that you ask the following questions :

  • Do you tested any of your products on animals?
  • Do sell your products in any countries that require animal testing by law?
  • Do you test your products on animals during the research and development stage?
  • Do you pay a third party to test your products on animals for you?
  • (If applicable) Are you owned by a patent company that tests it’s products on animals or sell in any countries at require animal testing by law?

sincerelyserajay crueltyfree bunny

This is a topic that I care passionately about and am glad that people are becoming more conscience of the ethics behind different brands and thus choosing to go cruelty free as well. Some also have an issue when a cruelty free brand are owned by a parent company who are not cruelty free or sell in countries were the law is requires animal testing eg. Urban Decay owned by L’Oreal. Personally, I judge each brand individually and hope that their success as cruelty free brand inspire their parent companies to follow suit. However, I have marked each brand if the parent companies is not cruelty free on my cruelty free list shown below.

(If ~ is shown, then the brands parent company is not cruelty free)

sincerely serajay cruelty free beauty brnads that don't test on animals





sincerely serajay cruelty free beauty brands that don't test on animals


sincerely serajay cruelty free beauty brands that do test on animals




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